Underground Electrical

Great Lakes has the most economical pricing on underground breaks in the industry. Often times by utilizing our sub site break detectors we can make spot repairs on underground breaks allowing us to dig up only a small portion of the parking lot instead of trenching the entire electrical run allowing your business to remain open with no hassle to your customers and employees. In cases where trenching is required, we own and operate all of the necessary equipment (trenchers, backhoes etc.) to insure the job is done properly as well as promptly.

Parking Lot Lighting

parking lot lighting

The customer’s shopping experience begins in the parking lot. If the parking lot is not safe and secure, especially at night, consumers will not stop, park or shop.

Dealership Lighting

dealership lighting

Image is everything in the car business, which is why car dealership lights are designed to optimize your car lot lighting for sales by making your car lot look brighter, safer, and more sheik than ever before.

Underground Electrical

underground electrical

Great Lakes has a long history of performing underground electrical distribution installations. Installations include conduit, cable, terminations, splicing, transformers and switchgear.